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Love Drug

Writers: Doryen Chin, Sheila Patterson
Directed by Sheila Patterson
Country of Origin: United States I Runtime: 13:24 I Genres: Thriller, Drama, Horror

A desperate couple takes a promising new drug in hopes of rekindling their romance, but tragedy strikes when the wife falls in love with increasingly darker fantasies of herself.

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Raised on a healthy diet of THE PRINCESS BRIDE, STAR WARS, and JURASSIC PARK, Sheila fell in love with cinema starting at a young age. But she never thought in a million years that her favorite pastime would lead to a career.


Graphic designer turned filmmaker, Sheila spent a decade running her own design business in Arizona. After an “ah-ha!” moment, she went back to school. Film school.


Sheila took to directing like a fish to water. Her very first short film (EREBUS) won Best Picture at her film school’s annual film festival, beating out that year’s Capstone project.


From there she continued directing several short films, including DEAD LIFT, CONSORTIUM: a prologue, BREATHE IN, and most recently, LOVE DRUG, which is now sweeping film festivals worldwide. Sheila has also had a hand in directing music videos, most notably Miss Krystle’s “Angels in the Valley” which has over 700k views on YouTube.

Now she set her sights on LA. After spending some time interning at More/Medavoy Management and Phoenix Pictures, Sheila went on Production Assist on Netflix’s big budget Ryan Murphy mini-series, HOLLYWOOD.


She currently is promoting LOVE DRUG and running the festival circuit, while dreaming up new visual feasts which feed the heart and stimulate the mind. Her dream is to delight audiences around the world through the magic and power of cinema. 

Sheila Patterson

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