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Fullshot Cine Mag merged with the Venice Short Film Festival in a move towards more executive fields of cinema, and work in the field of filmmaking and film production, and from now on, the Venice FullShot Film Festival will be both a film festival and a magazine- a festival that intends to move towards a constructive competition for filmmakers with a profound background knowledge of them and their concerns (which can be seen on our website in the form of dozens of interviews and reviews) and aims to support filmmakers.

Our 'Call For Submission' is now open!
Submit your work(s) and compete for an award. Refer to the 'awards and prizes' section.

We're trying to find a way to connect films/shows with smaller productions with cinema lovers, and help artists get seen and heard by a larger audience.

Venice Fullshot Film Festival is a film festival/magazine that focuses on the world cinema and specializes in interviewing outstanding artists, reviewing and introducing the finest films and TV shows, and providing a platform to promote the works of emerging filmmakers

We do have an online screening.

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