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Director: Thibault Marsaudon

Overcome is a story about John, a young adult with autism who, one day, get lost on a basketball court. On this court, he’ll meet George and Alonzo, with whom he’ll play. This event will make John want to play more. A thirst for competition, despite his handicap, despite everything that will go against him.

Genres: Drama
Country of Origin: United States
Runtime: 00:22:22
Writer, Director, Producer: Thibault MARSAUDON

Director's Statement

“The main goal I had with Overcome was to give a different point of view on autism to the spectators, something more personal, internal. To show how an autistic person can see and feel the world around him.

This film was also made as a message of hope, that everything is possible. It won’t be easy but, by giving yourself the capability, you give yourself a chance to make the impossible, to overcome any obstacle.

“Overcome” is a very personal short film for several reasons. The first one is simply because it talks about a subject close to my heart, as I myself have Asperger's syndrome and ADHD. I had, and still have, regularly faced additional difficulties in what I seek to undertake.

Making movies is complicated at its core but add to that a social handicap when you have to work with a team, and you get a path full of pitfalls with every step.

Fortunately, as the main character of my film, I was able to count on an infinite passion for what I do as well as the unwavering support of some members of my family and the wonderful people I worked with on this project.

This film is also personal because it begins to sketch the outlines of what I hope will become my cinematic style. This way of telling stories, very close to the main character, came as obvious and seems to me to be perfectly suitable.
However, I hope to have the chance and the opportunity to step out of my comfort zone and be able to try new things in the future.

I wish this short film is just the first step in my career in cinema. I intend to give myself all the means, and to work hard, so that my career is a long marathon and not an ephemeral sprint.”

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