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An Interview with Tsuyoshi Nakamura

Please tell us what inspired you to enter into the world of films?

When I was in high school, I dropped out of high school due to sexual problems, and for many years I became misanthropic. There is a vast public botanical garden relatively close to my home, where I was fascinated by the beauty of the plants and landscape, and then I continued to take pictures for a total of 15 years. Some of the photos recorded in this short film are also used for the wallpaper installed in the free PC OS "MX LINUX 21", so this interview is also a secret story for making the wallpaper equipped with MX LINUX 21.

Filmmaking is a laborious job, so what keeps you motivated?

To be honest, I haven't found it very difficult to make a movie. Both photography and editing are natural "parts of my life" for me, and I went there like a daily routine.

How do you choose your star cast?

The term "star cast" here means "a good subject," but it means "turning your back on what people generally want to shoot, such as autumn leaves, snow scenes, and festivals." .. For example, "STABLE" in some of the scenes is a picture of a rock that no one pays attention to. It's a popular photo, but many people didn't even notice the subject. The important thing is to select only what you want to shoot. Clarify your likes and dislikes, ignore what you dislike, and focus only on what you like.

Do you think taking an audition is the best way to cast for a movie or documentary?

I think auditions are a valid and important option. A cameraman who shoots a subject of a natural landscape is a judge who auditions for a vast natural landscape. Some criticize that "audition is an elite idea," but it may be cruel, but audition is still an effective work selection method.

Do you agree many filmmakers fail to understand the importance of editing?

Yes, many don't even understand the importance of editing. In today's world of all ideas and so much material available, I think editing skills may be more important than the skills to create something from scratch.

Who are your filmmaking influences?

Yes, the influencer in my film is myself and it's very egoistic. I haven't been particularly influenced by anything else. Egoism is not a bad thing in production. It will improve the quality of the work.

How do you choose a script that you are going to direct?

The script I should make is always in my head. (Not in the outside world). Where it is always difficult to make it into an actual form, the process of making it is the production.

Where do you see the film industry going in the next 2 years?

As we all know, the film industry is clearly deadlocked. Only remakes of famous past works. Everyone is tired of the magnificent CG expression. Therefore, "delicate, inspirational or thin analog expression" will attract more attention in the future. This short film was made with the intention of being a pioneer.

Do you make films to entertain the audience?

No. I want to make only what I want to make. Fortunately, that attitude has been accepted until now, but when I work for a design company, I suffer because I have to make something that customers like. This is the difference between artwork and design work, and I'm clearly an artwork worker.

Which actor, according to you, is the all-time best actor?

Its planet Earth.

What are your goals when you make a film?

Make what I want to make.

And, that will be a meaningful experience for the audience.

What role does music play in a movie?

It determines the impression of the movie. Music plays an extremely important role, and music is the main character in music videos. In the area of ​​sensibilities, music and visuals are "matched" and should not be considered separately. I think the visuals that are completely integrated with the music are very attractive.

How do you ensure that production is on schedule?

Unfortunately, I'm the type who is not very good at scheduling production. When you get inspired, don't miss the opportunity to create it all at once. If the back misses that timing, the idea will disappear.

Please tell us about your upcoming projects.

I'm envisioning a primitive, pure 3DCG animation that makes full use of full-normal After Effects. It will be completely different from the live-action works so far. Thank you for the wonderful interview!


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