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Eliot George - Directed by MIA CORAZON AJERO AUREUS

Plot Summary:

Eliot George is a historical fiction story about Mary Evans, a female novelist breaking conventions by daring to write under a male pseudonym to be able to publish professionally in the male-dominated literary industry. She meets young Mr. Edward Dashwood whose prejudices against women writing challenges her resolve to stay anonymous.

Director’s Statement

I’ve always been surrounded by books since I was a child. So my heroes were women authors, most of whom belonged to the ages; to the canons of literature. I aspired to be like them and spent many summers writing short stories and even fashioning them into little books made out of white paper, folded and stapled together. I lovingly wrote every word on these pages by hand and even illustrated them with stick figures. I was proud of every one of them that I decided to put them in a shoe box—my mini library—and take them to my 4th grade class.

Making this film was my way of celebrating my childhood heroes and all the women writers in the world (published or not). These predecessors challenged the norms at the risk of their own security and reputation, so that we, the women writers of today and the future, will have the freedom to write and publish our thoughts and ideas, without fear of harsh repudiation. They are the ones who challenged society’s double standards on women so that none of us will ever have to hide our strengths behind a male pseudonym again. I thank them for their courage and conviction.

There are still many women writers out there faced with archaic prejudices. I can only hope to carry on the torch in furthering women’s rights and equality by continuing to write stories and making films that speak women’s truths. And these stories and films shall bear my name. A woman’s name. For every woman should proudly claim her worth.

Thank you!

Run time: 2 mins, 5 secs

Genre: Short film, period drama

Country of Origin: Philippines

Country of Filming: New Zealand


Lucy Yates (Mary Evans/Eliot George)

Leo Allen (Edward Dashwood)

Sarah Booth (Househelp)


Writer/Director: Mia Corazon Aureus

Producer: Liam Cunningham

Director of Photography: Grant McKinnon

Editor: Dan Graham


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