Giosué Bottini And Bird in the Wild

Bird in the Wild is a unique film, a film that was made by the 6 year old Giosué. Tell us when and how Giosué showed interest in filmmaking. Does his interest in cinema run in the family?

Giosué started out expressing himself through painting and writing little stories. He was also acting in a few films. During the quarantine he woke me up in the middle of the night and said “Mommy you’re the best mom but you never got me a filmmaking class!” The next morning I called my friend the amazing director Tony Kaye (director of American History X) and asked him if he would teach Gio directing. He gave Gio an assignment to take still photographs and write stories about them. Within a day or so, Gio finished that and wrote the script to Bird in the Wild. (originally called A Day in The Forest). I told him if he was serious about making it, he needed to make a shot list, a call time, get the costumes together, ect, like a real movie. He was so thrilled to do it! We filmed in the LA Arboretum which was the only place open at the time. I am an actress and a writer. I write novels and screenplays. His dad is a musician from Rome from the band Gabin and has composed many songs for films in both Italy and Hollywood.

Learning the technique and craft of filmmaking at a young age will have a great effect on how young filmmakers get ready for the future. What plans do you have for Giosué's future in cinema?

My plan is to continue to support Giosué fully with all that he needs to pursue his passions for making films, art, and all that’s within him. I will always believe in him and help him in every way I can. He is writing features now and editing things he filmed and he was using my computer (for the iMovie) so I had to get him his own so I could work too! There is so much I want to build for him. We just started a little production company together called “Bird in the Wild Productions” named after his first film. Gio wants to learn animation as well. We are writing a feature script together. I am so glad that we share the passion for making films so the future is endless. I never imagined he would be doing this at such a young age. Supporting him also means listening to his film ideas for which could talk for hours about his story ideas and it’s easy to get lost in them! And when he paints, those are also stories.

Where did Giosué get the initial idea for the film? How did you shape it into its final form?

Firstly he loves watching movies and stays watching until the very last credit. He was never the kid to utter a peep during a film in fact he would tell everyone to be quiet! We are always the last ones to leave the theatre. We had movie nights every weekend at the Cinemark in North Hollywood. He doesn’t get popcorn because the crunching sound disturbs the film! I’m the same. We both really miss that place. But the initial idea to MAKE his own films came from taking the still photos and writing stories about them. One was about a bird and a boy who saw it in his dreams and so he went looking for it through a forest and then he tries to help it fly away. That’s how he got the idea for the film. This film shaped itself and Gio stayed quite faithful to the script he wrote. Some things appeared into the film just being in the forest, like the peacock.

Giosué appears in Bird in the Wild as the main character, and we hear his voice as the narrator. How did you decide on these things? Did you advise him as what approach you can take to the story?

Gio decided to do some talking and some voiceovers. Sometimes he had sound issues because he wasn’t miked. Many times a tractor was driving by so the voice overs helped. He did the voice overs directly into the iMovie so there was also no mike for that. H