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Fullshot Cine Mag Fest January Winners

Best 'Drama' Film

Night, Mother

Directed by

John Patrick Lowrie

Best Student Film


Directed by

Eduardo Jorge Becerril Quiroz

Best Web-Series/Pilot

The Third Borough

Directed by

Lillian Sokolski, De'zjea Allen

Best Music Video

On The Stages

Directed by

David Nguyen

Best Micro Film


Directed by

Marina Díez

Best Animation

Nanakorobi (Seven Falls)

Directed by

Glenna Burmer, Gaby Breiter

Best Narrative Feature

Safe House 1618

Directed by

Calvin T. Shepherd

Best Short Film

Snake Trail

Directed by

Shicong Zhu

Best Director

Roy Boucher

For 'Bees and Seas'


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