O’Kelley Legends: 2e Behind the Scenes: An Interview with Harri James

Please tell us what inspired you to enter into the world of films?

I’ve always been a storyteller, and I love documenting other people’s stories.

Filmmaking is a laborious job, so what keeps you motivated?

I like the challenge and problem-solving that comes along with making films.

How do you choose your star cast?

I look for strengths within the actors I cast, or I rewrite the roles for their strengths. I like using unknown actors who can be authentic and organic.

Do you think taking an audition is the best way to cast for a movie or documentary?

Not all actors audition well, but I think any aspect of life can be an audition.

Do you agree many filmmakers fail to understand the importance of editing?

I feel most filmmakers learn the importance of editing in the process of making films.

Who are your filmmaking influences?

I’m influenced by Taika Waititi, Adam McKay, and Aaron Sorkin.

How do you choose a script that you are going to direct?

I’m a “film by” director, so I only direct scripts or projects that I write or collaborate on.