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Venice Fullshot Film Festival Winners - November 2022

A Reckoning

Writer Isaiah Mouw

in Best Script

Declan's Legend

Director Shawn Kosmakos

in Best Comedy

Nick Davis


Director Ryan Yee

in Best Actor


'My Mother'

Director Yi ZHANG

in Best Actress


Director Ashley Moore

in Best Director

i don't wanna go

Director Max Vadset

in Best Director (Honorable Mention)

And I never saw her again...

Director André Ibrahim

in Best Micro Film

Art and Gender in South Sudan

Director Louis Netter

in Best Animation

The Shiba Squad - Online Communities

Director Evan Carter

in Best Documentary Film

Pepperwood: Rising From The Ashes

Director Ian Nelson

in Best Documentary Film (Honorable Mention)

Bullets in Paradise

Director Violet Dempsey

in Best Documentary Short


Roberto Guideri

in Best Documentary Short (Honorable Mention)


Director Rob Tyler

in Best Narrative Feature

So Long

Director Teng ( Miracle ) Ma

in Best Short Film

Colors of a Black Belt

Director Lina Kraftsof

in Best Editing

The Superiore of Prosecco in Vogue

Director Carlo Guttadauro

in Best Cinematography

The Lifeguards

Director Ellen Olis

in Best Student Film

Red Gaia

Director Udesh Chetty

in Best Sci-Fi

Ryan Njenga


in Best Writer

Samareh Nikseresht


in Best Female Director


Director Marcelo Zambelli

in Best Drama

Yuval Sol Boker


Director Daniel Bettoun

in Best Producer

The Island

Director Camille Corbett Corbett

in Best Horror

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