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Surprise in the Night

Writer, Producer: Sam Bhat
Directors: Sam Bhat, Aaron Rothermund
Runtime: 00:18:40
Country of Origin: Canada
Cast: Charlot Daysh, Steve Kasan
Genres: Drama, Comedy

'Surprise in the Night’ is the first film of Sam Bhat as Writer, Director, and Producer (Shimaro Entertainment).
Based on overwhelming response from the international  film festivals , Sam is working  to develop this short film into a full feature film.

Directors: Sam Bhat, Aaron Rothermund


High-powered Business Executive, Jacqueline Simpson confronts the male gaze, questions female stereotypes, and patiently leads a crew of hung-over employees to success without breaking a sweat.  
Message : Don't judge the book by its cover. Many times One's made perceptions about others are not actually the same.

Nominations and Awards

1. Calcutta International Cult Film Festival 2020

Outstanding Achievement Award  Best Short Film

2. Canada Shorts Film Festival 2020

Award of Commendation Best Short Film


3.Canadian Cinematography Awards 2021

CaCA  Best First Time Director


4. Hollywood International Golden Age Festival 2020

November Award  Honorable Mention - Best Producer


5. Montreal Independent Film Festival 2020

Excellence in Short Directing 

6.Pune Short Film Festival 2020

Festival Prize  Best Short Film


7.Venice Short Film Awards 2020

Venice Short Film Award  


Director Statement: (By Sam Bhat)
I’ve always been excited by perception versus reality in the human condition. I’ve learned that people trust their first impression, and are rigid in their assumptions.

I’m keen to develop stories based on the differences in perspective from one person to another, and expose stereotypes and misinformation.

With ‘Surprise in the Night’ I wanted to address the double-standard within management, gender inequality, and stress the importance of environmental preservation.

I enjoyed working with Co-director Aaron Rothermund. We experienced a number of bumps due to technical issues, but we met the challenges head-on, and made a beautiful film.

Thank you to the cast and crew!

I hope you enjoy the show!


Sam Bhat is an Indian born Canadian, an engineer by education, and an artist by inclination. Sam has been living in Ontario, Canada for the past 21 years with his wife and daughter.

He holds a Master of Technology degree with distinction from the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi (1988) and possesses a specialized background in interdisciplinary engineering and geosynthetics management.

He has served the global geosynthetics industry for the past 29 years having worked with some of the world’s leading geogrid organizations in the U.K., U.S.A., and Canada. Sam  has presented technical papers in numerous international geosynthetics conferences around the world  and has been involved with state of art  collaborative R&D projects  with various reputed Universities   in Canada, USA and other countries.

He amalgamates his love for the performing arts with his technical engineering skills, triggering a unique synergy which enables him to produce stories which investigate life and its secrets in great depth and from unusual angles.

Sam has been involved with performing art and films since he was 17 and was involved with conducting numerous live shows under the auspices of SPICMACAY ( Society for the Promotion of Indian Classic Music and Culture amongst Youth ) in eighties in India with various world renowned classic music performers of India.

Sam has produced and directed various Bollywood events in Toronto in the past years such as Sam’s September Fusion (2015), Sam’s Salute to 106 Years of Bollywood (2019) with charity component for Canadian Cancer Society and 360 Kids, respectively.

Sam is busy writing more stories and screenplays on riveting social subjects to be made into full feature films.

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