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What Audiences are saying!

The Big Ugly

Director: Scott Wiper

Anglo-American relations go bad when London mob bosses invest in a West Virginia oil deal in hopes of laundering dirty money.

Genres: Drama, Crime, Thriller
Cast: Ron Perlman, Malcolm McDowell, Vinnie Jones, Leven Rambin, Bruce McGill, Nicholas Braun
Country of Origin: United States
Runtime: 01:43:00
Producers: Tarquin Pack, Karri O'Reilly
Writer, Director: Scott Wiper
What the Critics are saying! The Big Ugly Reviews:

“The Big Ugly is a fascinating beast... Vinnie Jones delivers an exceptional performance... Scott Wiper has helmed a bracingly attractive thriller with ugly consequences. It’s everything you want in a revenge-action flick.”
— Andrew Stover, FILM THREAT
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 “The Big Ugly”, a wildly entertaining, over-the-top, blood-soaked, noir-Western from director/co-writer Scott Wiper that’s filled with stunning visuals of the breathtaking and sometimes foreboding countryside (with Morehead, Kentucky, standing in for West Virginia) and searing performances from the ensemble cast" - Richard Roeper, The Chicago Sun-Times
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Writer-director Scott Wiper’s The Big Ugly is the best kind of genre film, a crime movie aware of the traditions in which it’s working but not beholden to them; combining elements of ’40s and ’50s crime fiction (Jim Thompson seems to be a particular touchstone) with the flavor of ’70s Sam Peckinpah and Walter Hill filtered through the visual grammar of ’90s Tony Scott, The Big Ugly synthesizes its influences into a unique and compelling western noir. Its emotional power comes largely from Wiper’s richly textured script and the performances by his consistently riveting ensemble, which includes Vinnie Jones, Malcolm McDowell, Ron Perlman, Leven Rambin, Bruce McGill and Nicholas Braun as the players in an oil and money laundering scheme gone bad. What takes the movie to a whole other level is the consistently innovative cinematography by Jeremy Osbern, who, like Wiper, incorporates a wide array of influences, then dazzles the viewer with inventive ways of reimagining them.
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 "Much more complex than it appears on the surface, this is a film full of multi-layered characters powered by great performances, addressing familiar cinematic subjects with a voice of its own." - Jennie Kermode, Eye For Film  ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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‘The Big Ugly’ is a Surprisingly Gentle, Character-driven Thriller Starring Vinnie Jones"
“’ll see the morally dubious nature of Jim Thompson’s literature, the deathly code of honor that killed Sam Peckinpah’s’ Wild Bunch. At the same time, the characters of this film (besides Junior) are motivated by the love of others. It’s not a nihilistic story, it’s about giving meaning to one’s life. It’s about finding something to die for. The most important of all, it seems, is loving someone.” - Chris Van Dijk, Movie Babble
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"The character of Neelyn played by Jones is one of his best. Striking through a range of emotions and showing us a human side to what could have been a straight up thug. Jones really delivers a career best. Every character is well written and acted out and you find yourself invested in them through the movie."
‘“The Big Ugly” is a perfect drive-in release this weekend. It’s a film that harkens to that very American outdoor cinema experience, watching lurid, vulgar pictures from the comfort of our vehicles.” - The Newnan Times-Herald

“He’s surprisingly soulful as the film’s tortured anti-hero.”

“...the performances are excellent.”
— London’s Daily Star
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"Featuring big guns, high stakes, and an A-list cast, The Big Ugly is a perfect film for fans of crime and action cinema"
- The Pitch Kansas City
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Director Biography - Scott Wiper

Another Vinnie Jones Classic
OzMovieWatcher29 July 2020
Any movie with Vinnie Jones it it, you know it's good. I love his natural gangster style appearance and demeanor in his movies. Given his reputation of "the toughest football player ever"... he is perfect in playing the villain. Good to see legendary actor Malcolm McDowell still going strong. (Calligula, Clockwork Orange)

This movie is a bit of a change to other Vinnie Jones movies... here he plays an aging gangster with a compassionate heart. A very good performance.

This is not the best of this genre movie I have watched, but I do rank it up pretty high. I enjoyed it.

Excellent movie
jamesroofuss17 October 2020
Everything you expect and more. Brilliant movie, phenomenal cast and a great story, alongside well shot action scenes. Would definitely recommend.

slow with a big bang
muhangifk25 July 2020
This movie starts off slow and kinda boring but if you are a real movie fan, you can spot a movie that will not disappoint. the characters are top class,btw the plot is not about junior,the ending is classic, makes you forget about the beginning.

Love this movie!
bathos-164083 September 2020
This movie has EVERYTHING! Friendship, romance, betrayal, and redemption. And a lot of action.

Source: IMDb

Scott Wiper was born on July 22, 1970 in Granville, Ohio, USA. He is a writer and director, known for The Big Ugly (2020), The Condemned (2007) and A Better Way to Die (2000).

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