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The Saints of the Rue Scribe

Director: Angel Katherine Taormina

In 19th century Paris, Joseph and Marie Charpentier battle calumny and death threats when a former friend becomes an enemy and does everything he can to discredit their virtue and destroy their lives.

Genres: Drama, Adventure, History
Cast: Angel Katherine Taormina, Grayson Merritt, Danny Elias, Jackson J Smith, Johnny Daly
Country of Origin: United States
Runtime: 02:30:06
Writer, Director, Producer: Angel Katherine Taormina

In making "The Saints of the Rue Scribe" as my first feature film after having worked almost my entire life in short film and documentary work, I wanted to make a film that truly represents how I see the world. I was born and raised in New York. I was a daughter of the theatre as much as I was a daughter of cinema. Stylistically, I prefer to marry the two as frequently as possible. I am very much a realist and a naturalist when it comes to color and how scenes are represented on screen- what feelings are brought about by the actual viewing experience. In "Saints", I wrote, directed, acted in, and edited the film, and was involved in every step of the process from conception to completion. I strove to create something that felt as real and as in-the-moment as I could, choosing cast members who could go where I needed to take them so that every moment would feel almost as though it was really happening. It is to feel as though someone took a camera into 1881 Paris and filmed these character's lives. Enjoy the show!


Angel Katherine Taormina is a New York born filmmaker who has been working in entertainment from the age of ten. She studied with NYFA and with mentors and professionals from various other Arts schools. She wrote, directed, and starred in her first film, a children's educational video called "Angel's World", in 2003. Her 2008 psychological drama short film "Guilt" was selected at the San Francisco Short Film Festival. She was also an extra in the films "The Siege" (1998) and "Spider-Man 2" (2004). Angel worked in everything from comedy to drama to live production to documentary and pursued her unique perspectives on life through her storytelling, her directorial style, and her performance in her works. She won an award for the work she did on a documentary, and  garnered  acclaim  for  assisting  groups  in  both   film   and  in  live

Director Biography - Angel Katherine Taormina
Director Statement

production; though her first love was always the narrative story. She poured heart and soul into everything she did until it became clear that the medium of short film alone could no longer contain her own desires. After making over ten short films, Angel made the decision to begin the journey into feature film and to continue to find new ways to express her artistic voice. She became the inventor, creator, and author of the Stagebooks series and of Cinétage. She is also the author of nine novels. Knowing that there is always something more to say through short film, she made the short films "Inspiration" and "Follow the Girl in the Rose-Colored Skirt" in 2015, the short film "Cycle of Art (M.E. in Pixels) in 2017, and the short film "Everything" in 2020. She and her production company, Rose Room Productions, are proud to have "The Saints of the Rue Scribe" as their feature film debut. "Saints" is based on Angel's novel of the same title, "The Saints of the Rue Scribe- Inspired by a True Story and Events," inspired by the true story of Joseph and Marie Charpentier. Angel's credits in the film include Producer/Director/Writer/Editor/Costume Designer and the role of Marie Therese Bellerose Holmstrom Charpentier. Filmography: Listed here on IMDb Cinétage: The Stagebooks Series Novels: The Rose Princess- A Medieval Fantasy, The Porcelain Doll, Oriana, or The Secrets of the Rain, Carving A Life, On the Eve of Maye, The Saints of the Rue Scribe- Inspired by a True Story and Events, Laurina, The Maiden of Myrdine Manor, Evelyn's Orchard, Love Me Forever, Clementine and Olivien, The Anniversary Photobooks: The Love in my Life, My Reality, The Color Within, Without, The Way I See It, and "Collections- A Photobook by Angel Katherine Taormina".

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