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Friends In Deed - Directed by Jason William Power

  • Jason William Power Director, Writer

  • Michael Michalak Producer, Writer

  • Evan Adrian Key Cast "Cash"

  • Dirk Dierking Key Cast "Molloy"

  • Kate Hyland Key Cast "Bridget"

  • Rachael Jane Key Cast "Sarah"

  • Lawrence Lacey Key Cast "Detective Hawthorne"

  • Michael Michalak Key Cast "John"

  • Jason William Power Key Cast "Matt"

  • Patricia A. Smith Key Cast "Christine"

  • Jesse Trout Key Cast "Jimmy"

  • Andrew Kowalski Cineatographer

  • Jason William Power Editor

John and Matt were best friends before money drove them apart, but the death of John's sister helps them face the truth and reconcile. Originally inspired by true events, the script for Friends in Deed evolved during discussions about friendship, small-town politics, and the secrets held within families for generations. Early versions of the script were written in 2016, and after many revisions, we successfully raised $5000 through a Kickstarter campaign in 2019. Post-production was more complicated, as reshoots occurred well into the Covid pandemic, and lasted over a year. The entire production was planned and completed using smart phones only (iPhones), though we had to use 2 short clips from stock footage (the restaurant and the flames) after technical errors corrupted our original opening sequence clips, and the actors were unavailable almost 2 years after initial production. For Producer John Michael Michalak, Friends in Deed represents a personal journey, while co-writer and director Jason Power grew from a previously more experimental approach to filmmaking to a more subtle craft and approach to narrative storytelling during the completion of this feature.


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