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Venice Fullshot Film Festival Winners - November 2023

Americans in Israel

Director Johnny Vonneumann

in Best Documentary Short

Bacon Day

Director Catherine Ann Taylor

in Best Short Film

Morning Dive Experience

Director Mary Beteta

in Best Experimental

Luke and Oscar

Director Antoine Priou

in Best MicroFilm

Fog of Mind

Director Simon Sepulveda

in Student Film

On Your Way

Director Eva Tanoni

in Best Director

Am I a painter?/ Czy jestem malarzem?

Director Michał Kucharski

in Best Animation

The Time And Will To Stay

Director Henrique Linhales Rangel

in Best Producer

Magma is more beautiful than sunset.

Writer 海儿 歧 张

in Best Script

For the Greater Good

Director Michael Gavino

in Best Cinematography


Director Amari Russell

in Best Editing

The Decisive Moment

Director Dominic Kubisch

in Best Actor

Sebastian Philipp


Director Alysha Haran

in Best Drama

Liquid Ice Ice Baby

Director Will Jones

in Best Comedy

Twilight Zone: The Worst Accident in Film History

Director Robert Jones

in Best Documentary Short Special Selection

Ben and Kat or Kat and Ben Go To Little Lake Fountain

Directors Elizabeth Whitfield, Nicholas Dimas

in Student Film Special Selection


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